• BBC Oxford is a BBC Local Radio station, which opened on October 29, 1970 as BBC Radio Oxford. It broadcasts on 95.2 MHz VHF FM from the Oxford transmitter.

    On April 9, 1996, it was merged with Radio Berkshire to form Thames Valley FM. But this proved unpopular and on February 14, 2000 it was launched again as Radio Oxford, although some output is shared with Radio Berkshire, and in the evenings output is shared also with other BBC local radio stations in the South and South-East of England.

    Despite the name, the radio station is intended to serve the whole of the county of Oxfordshire, not just the city of Oxford, and the radio station used to play slogans such as "In Oxford, Abingdon and Banbury, it's your voice", or a similar slogan using another three places in the county (not necessarily including Oxford).

    In October 2004, BBC Radio Oxford relaunched with a new lineup. It was designed to make the station more upbeat, and appeal more to the younger generations. To help with this, a new sung jingle package replaced the five-year-old previous one.

    In April 2008 the term radio was taken out of the stations name and its branding combined with South Today Oxford (now BBC Oxford News) on BBC One.

  • Presenters

    • Bill Heine (Weekdays 4-7pm)
    • Bill Rennells (Sundays 10pm-1am)
    • Danny Cox (Weekdays 10am-1pm)
    • David Allen (Saturdays 9pm-1am)
    • David Cash
    • Dave Gilyeat
    • Joel Hammer (Weekdays 5-7am)
    • Henry Wymbs (Sundays 2-5pm)
    • Jerome Sale
    • Jo Thoenes (Weekdays 1-4pm)
    • Lou Hannan (Weekdays 10am-1pm)
    • Paul Miller (Weekdays 10pm-1am)
    • Phil Kennedy
    • Phil Mercer (Weekends 6am-9pm)
    • Richard Allinson
    • Roger Day (Weekdays 7-10pm)
    • Tony Gillham
    • Will Banks
  • Weather Presenters

    • Steph Ball
    • Cee Daly
    • Stav Danaos
    • Bee Tucker

    Past Presenters

    • Andrew Peach (now on BBC Radio Berkshire)
    • Shabina Akhtar
    • Seán Batty (Weather presenter, now with STV)
    • Dominic Busby
    • Alison Booker
    • Jon Briggs
    • Humphrey Carpenter
    • David Clargo (now Managing Editor of BBC Coventry & Warwickshire)
    • Anne Diamond (now a stand-in presenter for BBC London)
    • Mike Dickin
    • Hedley Feast
    • Dave Freeman