Annual Long Term Weather Averages

This page displays specific periods of the year where "weather types" are common across the British Isles.
Whilst forecasting the weather remains an inexact science. There are higher probabilities of certain weather types across the UK at certain periods of the year. This page identifies those certain key periods.
Sadly, not all of the year is covered by singularities, and as such confidence during other dates indicates no particular weather pattern occurring.

Usual Weather
1 Jan 17 Jan A traditionally wet and windy period of the year as the Atlantic begins to become more active, however storm systems affect mainly western areas. 87%
18 Jan 24 Jan Dry and frosty as high pressure begins to affect the UK, Easterly winds are quite common during this time. 87%
24 Jan 3 Feb This period is notorious for gales and severe gales to affect the UK with snowfall a high risk to many areas. 85%
8 Feb 16 Feb This period usually sees the years highest frequency of high pressure across the UK and is usually the coldest period of the year. A good period to head off to the Alps for some ski-ing 56%
21 Feb 25 Feb A 'Northerly Blast' is quite common during this period as low pressure crosses the UK and snowfall affects many areas. 42%
26 Feb 9 Mar A stormy and cool period usually dominates this period bringing occasional Northerly outbreaks followed by wet and windy weather as storms move in from the Atlantic and settle over Norway. 88%
10 Mar 22 Mar A settled period as the first of the Spring anticyclonesaffects the UK. As daylight hours are longer this period can sometimes see very mild weather during the day but hard frosts at night. 55%
23 Mar 31 Mar March usually ends on a stormy note and starts the first of the 4 Northerly Spells which last through April and into early May bringing the traditional showers. 67%
10 Apr 19 Apr This is probably the most relaible of the Northerly showery outbreaks for the entire year. Low pressure to the East brings cold showers to many areas with snow possible in Scotland. 71%
23 Apr 16 May Again, a cool period usually, however the Atlantic starts to quieten down and winds from the North or East are very common whilst Westerlies are rare. 67%
17 May 31 May This period is known as the fore-monsoon, traditionally dry and warm with high pressure over the UK and continent. 88%
1 Jun 4 Jun The first wave of the 'European Summer Monsoon' as low pressure moves in from the West bringing cooler weather and heavy slow moving showers. 77%
10 Jun 14 Jun The second wave of the 'European Summer Monsoon' bringing more wet and windy weather, between the periods expect better weather as the Azores high begins to expand. 77%
18 Jun 27 Jun The third and final wave of the 'European Summer Monsoon' brings more wet and windy weather to the UK with further heavy showers. 77%
10 Jul 22 Jul A traditional warm period for the UK, the first of the 'Phew, whatta scorcher!' headlines hits the press as the Azores high builds and extends over the UK. 50%
23 Jul 27 Jul Spanish plumes and stagnant areas of low pressure are very common during this period bringing heavy thunderstorms. 77%
31 Jul 8 Aug Again, a potentially thundery period of the year but this is the period where the hottest day of the year is likely to occur. 50%
16 Aug 30 Aug Summer starts to fade as the first of the Autumn storms arrives bringing cooler, unsettled weather to many areas, high pressure may hang on in the South for a while longer. 67%
1 Sep 17 Sep The 'Old Wives Summer' begins as high pressure crosses the UK en route to Siberia bringing a period of 3 or 4 fine days followed by showers. 87%
18 Sep 24 Sep The Atlantic starts to return more Autumn storms during this period, the period around 23rd/24th is liable to gales. 60%
5 Oct 12 Oct Again, a wet and windy period of the year bringing more Autumn gales to the UK. 67%
16 Oct 20 Oct A traditionally settled period as high pressure builds and crosses the UK. 67%
24 Oct 13 Nov This period is known as the 'Autumn Rains or Continental Trains' as the period starts wet and windy with gales from 26th-29th however high pressure sometimes builds from the East on the 30th. 100%
14 Nov 24 Nov A traditionally settled period as high pressure settles over the UK bringing quiet, foggy weather to the UK. 65%
25 Nov 10 Dec A wet and windy period of the year usually as cyclonic systems move in from the Atlantic, the two most stormy periods are 25th - 29th November and 6th - 12th December. 98%
18 Dec 24 Dec The pre-Christmas period brings the winter solstice and also a traditionally quiet and frosty period of the year as high pressure dominates the weather. Gales still possible in Northern areas. 56%
25 Dec 31 Dec One of the most traditional periods of the year where in many years the Atlantic brings gales and heavy rain/sleet or snow back to the UK during the festive week. 83%